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Personal injury occurs where you have suffered some form of injury, either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident. Most personal injuries fall under the category of a tort.  A tort is a wrong that involves a breach of a civil duty owed to someone else.  A steady rise in personal injury accidents has developed in the United States over the past 20 years.  The number and severity of personal injury reports arise due to the recklessness, negligent conduct towards the victim.  There is a wide range of different types of personal injuries.  Below are some of these types of personal injuries that happen the most often.

  • Brain Injury:  Brain injuries are one of the more devastating types of personal injuries that can be inflicted on a person.  Medically dealing with brain injuries remains a mystery in many situations.
  • Spinal Cord Injury:  Spinal cord injuries, along with other back injuries can leave the victim unable to physically function on a very basic level.
  • Paralysis:  Paralysis is usually the result of a spinal cord or back injury.  Anyone who suffers from paralysis faces a lifetime of medical rehabilitation and treatment.
  • Wrongful Death:  A wrongful death is a death that was caused by another persons negligent, or careless actions.
  • Burn Injury:  Burn injuries tend to be one of the more difficult types of personal injuries to treat.

There are many different types of accidents that cause the injuries above.  Below are some of the more relevant accidents that result in personal injuries:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Boat Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents

The best Seattle personal injury attorney

If you have been a victim of an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, seeking legal help can be one of the most important steps in the recovery process.  The best Seattle personal injury lawyers can advise the victim of different legal options they may have, and help obtain compensation for the injuries the victim suffered.

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